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About A-1 Home & Piano Moving

We are your home & piano moving company

It can be difficult to move if you do it all yourself. We can help!  



We specialize in moving services to meet your needs. We analyze the prices in each area to help you find budget-saving tips that will make your home & piano move less expensive. If you’d prefer to have your belongings packed up by us, we have moving kits that can be used to assist you in your move. These kits are extremely useful because they include a detailed moving guide, tips and helpful suggestions to help you navigate your local move.

Cover a Large Area Of Seattle & Eastside​

Without Any Hidden Fees.

We are Seattle’s most trusted household movers for over 40 years. We offer top-quality professional movers and outstanding customer service ensuring your move goes hassle-free.

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Move with confidence and avoid any surprises along the way.

Expert Solutions

Let us simplify your move and ensure a smooth transition to your new home.


Transfer your home moving headaches to the A-1 Experts.


Have a Plan to Move?

Claim your 50% discount on moving supplies today!

Discount valid until August 2023. Terms & Conditions apply.

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