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5 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy, sharing and giving. But they can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. If you’re moving during the holiday season, you may be feeling even more stressed than usual. However, moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Follow these tips to make your holiday move as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re moving locally or an hour away from home, moving during the holidays adds additional stressors to what is already a busy time of year for most people. Here are some helpful tips for making your move during the holidays as smooth as possible:

Plan Ahead

If you can, try to plan your move during the off-peak season. Moving during the holidays is a stressful time for everyone, so why add more stressors to your already hectic life? If you absolutely must move during the holidays, here are a few things to keep in mind: – Research your moving company – Most moving companies have a specific time of year when they are either fully booked or may have limited availability. Make sure you plan ahead to get the best dates and times for your move. – Book your flights – If you have to travel to your new location, make sure to book your flights in advance if possible. If you’re traveling during peak travel season, you may have to pay more for the flights, so it’s best to book them as early as possible. – Schedule your utility shut-offs – If you have to move during the winter, you’ll want to make sure that you schedule your utility shut-offs far enough in advance. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have frozen pipes because you waited too long to schedule the shut-offs. – Schedule your physician visit – If you’re planning a move during the holidays, you might want to schedule your physician visit in advance. You may have a longer wait time during the holidays, so it’s best to get it done ahead of time if possible.

Hire Help

If you’re feeling stressed out by the idea of moving during the holidays, you may want to consider hiring help. While this may cost a bit more than hiring help when the rest of the year, it could make all the difference in the level of stress you feel during the move. If you’re considering hiring a mover, make sure to select one that is licensed and insured for your protection. Be sure to ask about the types of insurance coverage as well as what is and isn’t covered. If you have a lot of household items that will need to be packed, you may want to consider hiring a professional packing company. These companies are skilled at efficiently packing your household items so that they arrive at your new location undamaged.

Don’t Decorate

If you’re the type of person who decorates the outside of your house for the holidays, you may want to consider not decorating this year. Decorating your house during the holidays can be dangerous, especially if you have little ones or pets who may be tempted to climb on the decorations. You may also want to consider not decorating inside your house if you have a long moving process. It’s much easier to pack or throw away decorations than it is to un-decorate a room. Decorating and packing at the same time is a recipe for disaster. If you want to decorate, do it early in the season so you have plenty of time to pack up the decorations before moving day.

Set a Deadline

If you’re renting a moving truck or hiring another company to help with your move, you may want to consider setting a deadline for your move. If you are renting a moving truck, you may want to consider setting your move on the last weekend of the month, which is when most rental companies put their trucks out for rent. If you are hiring a professional mover, you will want to schedule your move for about a week before the holidays are over, depending on the distance of your move. If you have family or friends who are willing to help you with your move, you may want to set a date not too far before the holidays so they have some time to recover before the New Year begins.

Organize Your Stuff

If you’re moving during the holidays, you’ll want to be extra careful when packing your stuff. If possible, pack your fragile items first and pack the heavier items last. Moving during the winter months can be challenging, especially if you’re moving to a warmer climate. If you’re moving during the winter, you will want to keep your stuff in a climate-controlled area. If you’re moving an item, such as a couch or dining table, you may want to consider wrapping it. If you’re moving with a vehicle, you can place furniture items in your vehicle. If you’re moving with a moving truck, you can place larger items on the truck bed.

Take Care of Yourself

Moving during the holidays is challenging enough, so you will want to make sure to take care of yourself. If you’re feeling stressed out, take some time for yourself. If you need to book a massage, go for a walk or schedule some quiet time for yourself, do it. You will want to make sure to get enough rest, eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the moving process. If you’re feeling stressed, remember to take a few deep breathes and try to put the situation in perspective. Remember that the holidays are a joyous time of year and this move will pass. You’ll have a new home in no time, so don’t let the stress of the move consume you.

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